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Bodrum Vineyard Route/Bodrum Bağ Rotası

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

A brand new informal wine route in Bodrum.

If you are interested in wine and archeaology - Bodrum is a must visit location. The Bodrum Underwater Archaeology Museum has a number or salvaged shipwrecks mostly with wine amphora, that are display mostly intact in a lovely location in the old Bodrum Castle.

The beaches here are legend. Be sure to visit the areas around the Peninsula where larger hotels have some of the best beaches.

But the new reason to come is to visit the 3 or 4 vineyards that have grown up here of the last 20 years. Located slightly inland of the main Bodrum city to airport road, these wineries have found their place in Turkey's vineyard and winery scene. Luckily a steady stream of both local and foreign tourists keep them open mostly year round, but in the winter months, its best to call first. In the summer these are great places to escape the crowds and heat for which Bodrum is known

The 4 Wineries are from North to South:

The vineyards here are spread over rolling hills bordered by thin pine forests. The facilities are quaint, but don't let this deter you from the star of the show - their wines. Like every producer they have a few series from inexpensive to more pricey. But go straight for the top.

Recommended wines to try here are '21 Volante' Bornova Misketi, '20 Volante' Chardonnay Sauvignon Blanc Blend, '19 Adagio Syrah, and '19 Cantabile Cabarnet Sauvignon. The owners family is connected to Cappadocia - the ancient wine home, some say in Turkey.

As at many vineyards the entrance is gated and all you need to do is be brave enough to ring the bell and they'll let you in.

Located just next to the neighbors above, this is a lovely tasting/restaurant/winery. Food isn't always served though simple bites like cheese plates are almost always available. Do call ahead as they have some excellent chefs partnering with them. They are well known for gastronomy and wine.

This winery is a work of love and art. Their facilities are beautiful and calm and they do an excellent Turkish wine tasting presentation.

I came as I thought this was the only vineyard in Turkey producing ZInfandel (the owner fell in love with this grape while living in the US and visiting Napa Valley) - a bold wine. I was not disappointed. But I was even happier with their Shiraz. Did I mention I love Shiraz? The 2013-2015 vintages of the above were outstanding. The more recent expressions are excellent though, but if you can find and splurge for an older vintages, do so.

One of the closer vineyards to town this is another delightful place. My first experience with their wine was at a delightful restaurant in downtown Bodrum called Sloth's Home a definte recommendation if you're near.

The Shiraz / Petit Verdot was outstanding '18. Their Öküzgözü and any blend thereof is also recommended. Interestingly, I've found they also do a Zinfandel, a correction to my thinking above. The wines are notable so don't hesitate to jump in.

This land was originally table grapes (which apparently are still sold in the late summer Fridays at the Bodrum market). This winery is the child of love born of tragedy, hardwork, and patience as you will learn if you meet the owners or hear their stories. The wines are produced using the most simple and direct of methods, with no yeast, oak or stabilizers.

4. Vin Bodrum

A long established location just outside of town - I've tried to visit on a few occasions and it didn't happen - this place is reservation only. This is one of a handful of places that I've not been. Though I hear their wine is good! They are in fact the very first producer in Bodrum (at least in this half century!)


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