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Bornova Misketi by Nif Vineyards

This is one of my top recommendations for the Bornova Misketi wines in Turkey.

Turkey is a land of history at every turn - this is underscored by the archeological evidence that seems to lay or be in-built everywhere. Many foreigners first taste of this is at Ephesus and the Greco-Roman sites near Izmir. Tucked behind the mountains just north of Izmir is a delightful winery called Nif Bağları or Nif Vineyards.

The location of the winery and vineyard puts it closest to the historical Izmir neighborhood of Bornova - the literal end of the Izmir harbor - where the river and harbor join. Also, a traditional location for gardens/vineyards and the place from which this very Turkish style of Muscato grape takes its name.

This wine was one of my first from Nif Vineyards years ago, and it was the start of my desire to pursue Turkey's unique varietals and wine expressions.

In Turkey the Bornova Misketi reigns supreme in the full body, full bouquet white wine section. This is a white that is easy to like - especially as many producers like Nif have gathered the typically sweet nature into a dry wine.

The wine still has a touch of residual sweetness in its driest form, but it is not a semi-dry or dessert wine, this can easily pass for a dinner wine when paired with something light and creamy that allows the flavours of the Bornova Misketi to be experienced.

The nose and first taste on the tongue is citrus, but not only lemony, a bit more towards orange, with some apple and pear mixed in, and then followed by a wide range of flavors from bergamot, honeysuckle, summer melon and occasionally basil. It is easy to classify this variety and Nif's wine as the most explosive and flavorful of whites I have tasted in Turkey.

Excellent for summer meals when you want something a touch more rounded than a sharp chardonnay or lighter Sauvignon blanc, I highly recommend seeking out and trying the Bornova Misketi from Nif Vineyards.


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