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Garova Vineyards

Discovering Excellence in Bodrum Wine at Garova Vineyard: A Labor of Love by Mr. Mehmet Vuran

Near Bodrum, Turkey, lies a haven for wine enthusiasts seeking to savor the essence of Bodrum's winemaking style. Welcome to Garova Vineyard, a hidden gem owned by the winemaker, Mr. Mehmet Vuran.

One of the closer vineyards to town this is delightful place. My first experience with their wine was at a delightful restaurant in downtown Bodrum called Sloth's Home a definite recommendation if you're near.

The Wines at Garova Vineyard

Garova Vineyard boasts a portfolio of nice red wines that are a true reflection of Bodrum's wine potential. This area produces very strong, sweet red wine grapes and Garova benefits from this. Mr. Vuran's approach to winemaking emphasizes sustainability and traditional techniques, blended seamlessly with modern innovations. Each bottle from Garova Vineyard carries the story of the land, the grape, and the winemaker, making it a delightful discovery for those who seek to experience the authentic taste of Bodrum.

Garova's Shiraz / Petit Verdot was outstanding '18. Their Öküzgözü and any blend thereof is also recommended. Interestingly, I've found they also do a Zinfandel. The wines are very good so don't hesitate to jump in.

In total they Garova Vineyards produces wines from Petit Verdot, Öküzgözü, Shiraz, Zinfandel, Garania, Cabernet Franc, and Chardonnay. Most if not all the wines are wild-fermented.

Garova Vineyards

The Land of Garova Vineyards

This land was originally table grapes (which apparently are still sold in the late summer Fridays at the Bodrum market). This winery is the child of love born of tragedy, hardwork, and patience as you will learn if you meet the owners or hear their stories. The wines are produced using the most simple and direct of methods, with no yeast, oak or stabilizers.

The Garova Vineyard is inseparable from owner Mehmet Vuran - born in nearby Pinarlibelen and was from a family long growing grape vineyards. He was resigned to a wheelchair by a traffic accident during college, he found a love for wine making in around 2004

Garova Vineyard offers visitors a serene wine experience that transports them to the heart of Bodrum's winemaking traditions. The vineyard's breathtaking setting, surrounded by vine-covered hills and captivating views, creates the perfect ambiance for indulging in wine tastings and immersing oneself in the winemaking journey.

Contact Garova Vineyards

0532 552 58 27 / 0535 398 22 40 Adres: Pınarlıbelen Mah. Karanlık Sok. No:55 BODRUM – MUĞLA

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