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Narince Ancyra by Kavaklidere Winery

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

An excellent example of this excellent Turkish grape

This grape is one of Turkey‘s prized white wine grapes. This producer is also one of Turkey‘s oldest and most prestigious if not largest wine producers. Their headquarters and production started and still exist in the Ankara area which is fairly close to the origin of these grapes.

The grapes themselves come from the northern central Anatolian plain. They are unique to the country of Turkey and make for a medium plus refreshing mineral and fruity white wine. Some of the flavors that people notice in this wine are apple stone fruit, and some clean earthiness though much less than in the Emir variety of grapes, Refreshing acidity with some creaminess and vanilla tendencies that some people say provoke hints of honeysuckle and there tends to be a fullness in the flavor. This wine is similar to a Sauvignon Blanc but I would say it has a little more body, a little more wholeness to it, is somewhat rounder and it can also be somewhat fruitier, but not overwhelmingly.

It’s certainly not as strong as a Chardonnay and Narince can age in Oak it rarely does. This variety produced by the winery Kavaklidere is an excellent example. There are a few other examples that may in a given vintages surpass this, but Kavaklidere Narince is widely available and the price is very reasonable.

I strongly recommend this wine if you want to try a uniquely Turkish white grape varietal


🍷Color: straw with some golden hints

🍒Fruit:honeysuckle citrus

🍃Spice: bergamot mint

👅Body:medium plus



%⚗️Alcohol: mid

🎬Summary: what an excellent Narince example. Fresh fruity, full body, this one is very very nice and widely available.

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