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Knidos Şarapçılık / Knidos Vineyards / Wine Garden Knidos

A quiet quirky Datca winery in the center of Datca Peninsula - Knidos Vineyard

Datca Peninsula Knidos Vineyard Wine Tasting
Datca Peninsula Vineyard Wine Tasting

So many of the vineyards in Turkey started from their owners hobby gardens and have grown. Oftentimes the now sought after winery is also the production facility, vineyard, wine tasting bar, and home of the owner or others. This unique combination makes for some interesting wine tastings - where you wonder if you are invading someones home.

Knidos Winegarden had that feel for us in 2021 when we visited. The sense was added to be signs and instructions that were clearly meant to keep you from bothering those that lived there. But no worries, they were organized and helpful and as you see above had a nice full wine tasting for us.

There was also a filling cheese platter that we had with the wine tasting and apparently more recently they have had Jazz events on weekends. As far as wine it is one of my favorite producers this far south in Turkey where they make nice deep red wines.

The wines:

Knidos / Cnidus is the name of the ancient site on the tip of the Datca peninsula and the namesake for the winery.

They have a local red wine variety they call Aristos Label Knidos Karasi which is like many of the 'Kara' wines in Turkey lively fruit with enough acid to make it a very pleasant wine. This is unique to this area and recommended.

There are also Cab Sav and a few others labelled as Aristos

Other wines of note are the Alethea Labels. This range when I last checked include Shiraz/Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, A Reserve Blend, Bogazkere, and Bogazkere Okuzgozu blend.

They also have one white and one blush the white wine is Chardonnay and the blush is a blend of Okuzgozu and Shiraz, if I'mn ot mistaken.

The garden is comfy and a very nice place to sit and chill out with wine in Datca Peninsula .

Knidos Vineyard Arisotos Wine
Knidos Vineyard Arisotos Wine

One of the distinctive features of Knidos Winery is the presence of a animals on its premises. The animals are quietly hanging around and won't bother you but I do recall that was one German shepherd that looked like he was more than willing to enforce the posted rules about where to not go etc...

Another quirky thing is the name - you'll see it listed online as Knidos Şarapçılık / Knidos Vineyards / Wine Garden Knidos so just be aware they're all the same place.

I have to say if you like solid red wines this is the place.

Please note that the details provided here are based on information available up to September 2021. For the most current information about Knidos Vinearyd including operating hours, tour availability, and any other updates, it is advisable to check their official website or contact the winery directly.

Barış Sokak No:12, Datça, Turkey

+90 535 989 76 16

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