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Feb. 6, 2023 Earthquake Eastern Turkey

Our hearts are heavy as we now know the full extent of the tragic earthquake that struck eastern Turkey just after 4 AM on Monday, February 6, 2023, and followed by another major earthquake at 1:24 PM the same day.

These quakes struck along the eastern Anatolian fault between the cities of Gaziantep, Adiyaman, and Kahramanmaras. Damage is endless. 32,000 deaths so far, with 4,000 in intensive care and another 20,000 hospitalized. 200,000 people have been relocated from the area. The extent of the destruction is unimaginable, covering an area larger than Washington, DC to Boston, MA.

Currently, rescue efforts to retrieve the living from under the rubble are winding down, as 8 days and freezing temperatures have shortened that winow. Clearing of the rubble is underway, but there is a looming humanitarian crisis in the region as few are returning to their homes out of fear of collapse, and services such as water and electricity aren't fully restored. Many are living outside, stores are mostly closed. Cities have received most governmental aid, with villages seeing little support.

The emergency aid is moving into a longer more drawn-out period where provision for people to live and slowly rebuild will be needed. I encourage you to search and find an organization that is involved in supplying tents, medical aid, and long term development, and make a donation then.

The people of Turkey have provided an amazing amount of food, clothes, and supplies in this first week, with tractor trailer loads of supplies leaving from most major cities each day to the affected area. The Turkish peoples solidarity with the earthquake victims is overwhelming.

Please consider donating to the next, longer, hard stage of recovery.

Thank you for remembering Turkey in the midst of her tremendous pain.

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