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Sevilen 900 Series 2022 Fume Blanc Review

Sevilen Vineyards Again is Awarded

2022 Sevilen 900 Fume Blanc

I help many newcomers and travellers to Turkey to learn a bit about Turkish wines, and am often asked - where to start? While I generally recommend Turkish varieties (for whites that would be Emir, Osmanica, Narince, or Bornova Misket varieties) but I generally find that the most consistently well produced international wine grape variety in Turkey is the Sauvignon Blanc. It falls a bit lighter and not as aromatic as our local Narince, but is almost always very nice.

2023 Gustobar Event's Sommeliers' Selection with Andreas Larsson MS and Ronan Sayburn MS

Sevilen is a very large winery, one of the largest in Turkey but their products maintain excellence across the price range. As a label its one I heartily recommend. Apparently, the Master Sommeliers enjoy it as well, as they are consistently chosen at the annual MS wine tastings here in Turkey. This year one of their choices (as in previous years) was the Sevilen 900 Fume Blanc 2022 vintage. Ronan Sayburn MS noted a unique aroma of 'struck match' likely from the influence of French oak barrels that paired well with an overall creaminess (in a Sauvignon Blanc!) that reminded both MS s of a Chardonnay. An excellent concentration makes this Fume Blanc stand out.

It received a score of 94 and 93 respectively from the Master Sommeliers for the 2022 Vintage. Excellent performance.

Sevilen 900 Fume Blanc 2022 Review

The Sauvignon Blanc grapes come from Sevilen's vineyards in Denizli Guney region. This wine undergoes a cold maceration process, drawing out a bit more of the essence from the Sauvignon Blanc grapes. 8 months of fermentation in French Barrels (225 l I believe) leads to a full barrel expression that is well balanced.

The appearance is a pale yellow with the slightest green tinge. The scents are strong of tropical fruit and citrus. The oaky vanilla is balanced by pineapple and nectarine. The taste is full bodied (suprisingly for the color) with a balanced acidity and a medium long finish.

Around 13.5% alcohol. This Fume Blanc from Sevilen would pair nicely with spicy Asian food or slightly oily fish - perhaps a seabass appetizer. Service temperature allows you to emphasize the oak (cooler) or the fruit (warmer). I prefer 11-12C as I like the fullness that comes from the slighly higher temp.

I've never tried to keep one of these - but I wonder with this concentration and full bodied oak, what It would feel like in 5 years. If you've cellared some of the previous Fume Blanc from Sevilen - let us know how it performed. Share your thougths on Sevilen 900 Series 2022 Fume Blanc Review

⭐️4.0 A touch pricy, but excellent

🍷Color: pale yellow with a tinge of green.

🍒Fruit: Very forward pineapple, tropical and citrus.

🍃Spice: More minerality from the oak

👅Body: Medium balanced

🌳Oak: 8 months French Oak

🍁Tannin: Light

\🧬Acidity: Med-High acidity

%⚗️Alcohol: 13.5% and well balanced by sweetness, fruit, and acidity.

🎬Summary: A touch on the pricey side, but really is a matter of 'you get what you pay for' If you're looking for a lighter chardonnay feel - this fume blanc will work for you.

PS I choose this wine every year as my favorite Fume / Sauvignon Blanc. Excellent balance.

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