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About Me

Christopher Vannoy, Travel Professional, Wine Lover, Social Entrepreneur, PhD Candidate

I am a lover of all things Turkish. I'm an unabashed Turcophile, for the people and the beautiful land of Asia minor. With 30 years of traveling in Turkey, conversing with Turks, I've loved grappling to learn all that this dynamic land and people offer. The vineyards are a delightful collision of the old and the new in Turkey. Wonderful places.

I still recall my first few wine experiences in Turkey. Let me say this - those experiences have progressed rapidly upward in quality and I am amazed at the lovely wineries, vineyards and vintners in Turkey today.

I have reviewed hundreds of Turkish wines (see my page on Vivino ), but I also travel throughout the Mediterranean from Spain (I love Rioja!) to Montenegro (Plantaze anyone?) So my taste and experience vary widely. I do drink a lot of California, NW US and some Virginia wines when I'm back in the US.

Full disclosure, I love red wines a bit more than white - though I'm better at blindly identifying the white ones. I do also enjoy blush/ rose' wines. But those deep reds (Shiraz) or even the milder ones with complexity (Kalecik Karasi) are what I prefer, and drink more often.

Enjoy my site and drop me a note. I do know of a travel agency that can make an amazing Turkish wine tour and Turkish wine tasting happen for you.

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Hi, thanks for dropping by!

This site is a work of love and passion for the people, land and wonderful produce of Turkey. As the ancient home of wine, join along with me as I discover the viticulture of Turkey, the lovely unique Turkish wine grapes, and the amazing and widely interesting people that make up this industry. 

I'm Chris and I spend weeks traveling in Turkey each year, exploring this verdant land.  Benefit from my experience.

And if you are looking for Turkish wine tours and tastings - either daily wine tours from Istanbul, Izmir or Cappadocia or week long wine tours, Don't hesitate to contact me. 

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