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5 Tips For Your First Turkish Wine

11 December 2021


Looking to try some Turkish wine while traveling in Turkey? Here are a few hints to get you started.

Tip #1 Don't Be Put off by the Cost in Turkish Lira.

So the Turkish Lira to USD exchange rate is a bit like a roller coaster, Often when looking at a bottle of decent wine the price can be 100, 150 or 200 TL or more. At the exchange rate in Dec 2021 that was about $8. There are very good #Turkishwines in the $8-$10 range.

Tip #2 - Read the Bottle

The labeling requirements in Turkey for wine have requirements as in many countries. So read the bottle and find out the vintage, varietal, and age in oak - those are all major factors in helping identify good wine.

Tip #3 - If Drinking a Bold Red Wine Let it Breathe

Turkey is considered a new world wine country even though academics agree the earliest history of wine is here. That said the modern grape varieties and production processes and climate make for some strong red wines and the younger they are the longer they need to breathe. I've taste many 2-3 years old red wines and was less than happy uncorking them, but delighted an hour or even a day later. Young bold red wines in Turkey need some air, its softens and rounds them.

Young bold red wines in Turkey need some air, it softens and rounds them.

Tip #4 - Ask for Help for Recommendations

Turkey is a wonderfully friendly place, and both servers at nicer restaurants, as well as salespeople at wine shops know lots about Turkish wine. They will be more than glad to help you figure you what to try.

Tip #5 - You're Traveling in Turkey, Go Ahead and Try the Turkish Varietals!

Turkey has more than a few local grapes not found anywhere else in the world. See the pages above to learn more, but for starters go for a Bornova Misket (white) or Öküzgözü (red) they are both excellent.


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