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My Turkish Wine Discovery


Sharing my 20 years of experience enjoying delightful and undiscovered Turkish Wines. Follow along to see the people, places, grapes and wines. - Chris

Wine Ratings

Since 2001, I've been actively drinking, rating and learning about Turkey's growing wine industry. Being the birthplace of wine thousands of years ago, there is a rich, diverse and compelling viticulture here. I literally travel Turkey for weeks each year and have tasted thousands of wines. I've also rated nearly 400 wines the last 3 years and want to share my thoughts. 1 page per wine and new ones added all the time.


Turkish Grape Varieties

The vast, verdant landscape of Asia Minor has been the home to vineyards for literally more than 3000 years. There are unique 'terriors' here and relatedly more than 100 grape varieties unique from anything else in the world.  From the Bogazkere to the Bornova Misket, from the mountain valleys in the east to the islands of the Ageaen sea there is unbelievable diversity here of land, weather, soil and grape. Look here for Turkish specific grapes and wines.

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Turkish Wineries

There are more than 300 wineries in the country. Close to 80 of these producers regularly host guests to visit the vineyard, taste their products, eat at their restaurants, and stay at their hotels. These pages will introduce you and link you to these marvelous and gracious people and their vineyards. Turkish wine is delicious, the place are beautiful, but the people of Turkey is what adds the unique, memorable and most valuable dimensions.

Turkish Wine Routes

The dozens of wineries in Turkey open to visit are easily connected in 2 formal and 7 total informal wine routes. Benefit from my experience and advice to learn the best way to visit these places in connection with your trip to Turkey. From wine day trips from Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Ephesus, Bodrum, Cappadocia or Antalya, to longer 5 day or even 2 week long trips, Turkey's vineyards are mostly undiscovered. Let's discover them together.

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