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Wine & Shakespeare in Turkey at USCA Winery

USCA Winery

USCA Winery is one of the original, early wineries in the Urla region in Kuşçular Village. USCA founded by Ms. Serpil Erdurak (Serpil Hanim), an attorney that studied and practiced in Izmir and Urla, Serpil Hanim has a passion for wine and is a knowledgeable and hands on owner. She works with her team and staff to produce quality wines with the assistance of her oenologue Antoine Bastide d’Izard from the Languedoc wine region of south France.

Serpil hanim is most noted for her wines that have been married by their names to Shakespearean sonnets through their inspiration. The USCA name is derived from the philosopher Anaxagoras's 'US' in Turkish about the ordering in nature of preexisting elements but neading a cosmic force to draw them together. What a great explanation of how Serpil hanim and her team bring together not only the wines but the Shakespearean inspiration for them.

USCA Winery

I really enjoy considering the sonnets for which the wines are names as I taste them and try to perceive how they relate. Its a step beyond just trying to understand the wine and takes tasting to another level.

in 2002 they purchased their first vineyard in İzmir Güzelbahçe, Payamlı village and in 2003 established a new vineyard in Urla Kocadağ region. 2006 saw their first attempt at production (I've never heard how that went, but I'm guessing, well, given the quality of their wines now). 2007 saw the brand USCA established and in 2010 they established their current location and vineyards. 2012 Was their first harvest and market production which lead to 4 products by 2013.

They say the fertile soil, their tender care, along with the abundant sun and rain, and the never ceasing breezes of Urla are the source of the wines quality. Making 45-60,000 bottles a year this is a boutique producer.

USCA Winery Wines to Try


This wine produced in the traditional 'sur lie' method results in a creamy, biscuity body, with mango, peach, and some slight floral aromas, on the tongue rich citrus is present. But the body is lighter and this isn't a strong as your typically California Chardonnay.

USCA Winery Sonnet 23


This is a rose' from Syrah but without the typical Strawberry focus that defines so many rose' wines. The floral background modifies this and the 'claret' process and 7 months in french oak give it a very different dimension.


A CS and ÖKÜZGÖZÜ mix, the focus here is on easygoing table wine. The ÖKÜZGÖZÜ brings in more berry sweetness and the CS some acidity, but this is a quiet wine easy to drink.

USCA  Winery Sonnet 76


A Bordeaux blend. This is stronger than the 58 and gets 6 months oak treatment resulting in more black pepper, cinnamon and spice in the mix. It recently was awarded a Sommelier's Selection by 4 Somm in Istanbul. If you like this style of blend, (which most of us do!) then this is the choice for you. I really enjoyed it and found it to be very well balanced. USCA SONNET 23 SYRAH & FOÇA KARASI

Using the local Foca Karasi grape with my beloved Shiraz/Syrah this is a very good wine. The Foca Karasi marries well with the Syrah and allows lots of fruit and spice with some smokiness to develop. 12 month aged in French oak. Excellent.


Many agree this may be the best wine at USCA a well made Bordeaux blend 18 months in Oak. If you like this blended style this is your choice. Well made and enjoyable. Vanilla, toast, spice, dark forest fruit, some chocolate and coffee with a long finish. Other USCA Winery Wines

USCA SONNET 35 - a Sweet Red

USCA SONNET 5 - Bornova Misket (white) worth a try

USCA SONNET 64 - CS / Merlot Blend

USCA SONNET 99 - Viognier

USCA SONNET 73 - Syrah

USCA Winery Tasting

Visiting and Tasting

This place seems to always be busy - they have indoor and outdoor seating with great views. Tastings can be just wine service, with an explanation or for a group a private tasting in the cellar. They serve some food here but it is not a full restaurant.

The hours are from 11- 630 or 7 most days. This is a chill place where you come for the wine and stay for the views and relaxed feel.

Contact USCA Vineyards

Use this QR code for directions:

USCA Winery tag

Kuşçular, 8033. Sk. No:1,

35437 Urla/İzmir, Türkiye

+90 536 683 7881

Located just 40 mins from Izmir airport.

USCA location


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