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URLA Şarapçılık / URLA Winery

A Beautiful Place with Fine Wines- Urla Winery

The URLA Winery Story

This land was founded as an arboretum called Uzbaş close to 20 years ago by Can Ortabaş. In the process they uncovered some older grapevines in the area and that took Can and his partners Bülent Akgerman, Deniz Barçın and Yavuz Karacasulu down a path that has lead them to have one of the most distinctive and largest winery in the Urla region.

Mr. Can Ortabaş is recognized for his high agricultural standards and knowledge and also his discovery of 2 Turkish grape varieties. One is the Urla Karasi - a dark red grape that is no dissimilar to other Turkish 'kara' varieties. The second is a mutation that occurred in their Boğazkere vineyard. This grape is a tannic strong black grape known as the throat burner, but one vine decided to mutate into a white grape variety now known as Beyazkere (which roughly means White burner).

URLA wines are at the higher end, though all wines in Turkey continue to rocket up in prices, but you get the sense here there is high level of professional intervention in all that they do. Read about their wines below.

URLA Winery Arboretum

URLA Winery Wines

Urla Winery Nerod'Avola

Urla Nexus (Merlot-Nero d’Avola-Cabernet Franc)

This is a ligher oaked version of their wines with vanilla and chocolate, smoother with the Merlot than the Vourla and Tempus below.

Urla Nero (d’Avola & Urla Karası)

Black cherry, and blackberry, with oak that produces vanilla, chocolate and leather this and the Tempus below are likely their best, but with so little Urla Karasi produced the price remains almost unreachable...

Urla Vourla (Cabernet Sauvignon-Merlot-Syrah-Boğazkere)

This is another great blend but I prefer the Tempus below. I have found this one too acidic if not decanted well in the past.

Urla Tempus (Merlot-Syrah-Cabernet Sauvignon-Cabernet Franc-Petit Verdot)

Urla Winery Tempus

This blend is worth seeking out - big, chocolate, smoke, everything you want in a bigger yet smooth and well integrated red wine. This wine is also available at higher end stores throughout the country though the price tag continues to evade me.

Urla Serendias Roze (Pinot Noir-Kalecik Karası)

If you like the typical Rose' here with its Strawberry oriented fruits, you'll like this one, though it is ligher on the acidity.

Urla Symposium Dömisek (Bornova Misketi)

This is a semi-sweet Muscat. Not lacking in aroma, either fruit or floral, this is the most abundant scents you'll pack into a wine glass. Not as sweet as some of this type, this is very enjoyable.

Urla Chardonnay

Not a sharp Chardonnnay, this one is more subtely expressive. Some apple and pear. Medium finish, a good Chardonnnay for the warmer weather.

Urla Sauvignon Blanc

The best choice of a grape in Turkey - SB does well everywhere, and this is no exception. Citrus, apple, and some floral aspects but the finish is short. The flavour though is very pleasant.

Urla Cabernet Sauvignon

A typical CS, to me not expressing the powerful distinctions of Cabernet Sauvignon but well made and easy to drink.

Urla Boğazkere

The Turkish throat burner but URLA style, A gentler smoother version with lots of chocolate, vanilla and oak. Long finish. A great introduction and example of this beloved Turkish grape.

Urla Hypnose (Narince & Beyazkere)

A subtle peach and cream kind of white - made from 2 Turkish varieties - the Beyazkere mentioned above and the Narince which is a subtle yet acidic white. This overall is an easy drinking delightful white wine.

Urla Winery Tasting ARea

Visiting the URLA Winery

Its important to note that URLA winery is tasting winery - great for all those instagram moments of beautiful places, people and wine, but they don't have a cafe or restaurant, so don't come expecting to eat lunch or dinner.

Urla Tasting Room

That said they have the most professional staff doing their wine tastings and they are a good value. I highly recommend it. Reservations are recommended for later in the day, though they have always been able to squeeze people in if not after a bit of a wait.

Interestingly they also rent the 2 large rooms above the winery as hotel rooms called simpley 2 Rooms: for more information. Though its bookable on search engines too. Its pretty high end as the rooms are huge and its really more like an apartment.

Plan enough time to wander around their display vineyard in front of the winery and take lots of great pictures - this is an arboretum after all and lots of beautiiful plants and trees.

Contact URLA Winery

Under 18's not allowed.

Open 10-6 every day

Adress: Kuşçular Köyü, 8028 Sk. No:12 Ukuf Mevkii Urla - İzmir

Cell: +90 (530) 773 08 52

Tel: +90 (232) 759 01 11(PBX)

Just 10 minutes from Urla.

Urla Winery Location Map


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