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Thia Çal Karası from Küp Winery

The Thia series demonstrates well the potentıal of the Çal Karası grape.

Thia's Çal Karasi red wine is a good introduction into the many varieties of Turkish grapes.

It is a lighter red - not like a Rose' which you can also find made from this grape- but a legitimate red wine.

The nose on this is fruity and a bit more assertive than the mid palate which seems a bit softer - not round exactly, but somewhat less distinct than the nose/initial taste and the lingering finish.

Raspberry, cherry, and lighter red fruits are all here with none dominating the palate.

What is most noticeable is the acidity which gives this a distinct finish. With the lower tannins and medium to light medium body, this is an easy wine to drink, and goes well when you want a red, but perhaps the cuisine says 'white wine'.

These wines are well made by Küp Winery which is one of the largest producers in the country and focuses a fair amount of energy on their higher series of wine - of which Thia is the gateway brand.

Thia is widely available at markets and throughout the country and is a fair value, especially as the series features a number of local Turkish varieties such as this and the Kalecik Karasi.

I recommend you grape a bottle especially if you enjoy trying local varieties and if you enjoy wines such as Beaujolais.

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