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Perdix Şarapçılık / Perdix Winery

A Bustling Winery Close to the Izmir Çeşme Highway - Perdix Winery

Perdix winery sunset

Perdix Winery in Brief

This like most other Urla wineries is a family affair - founded by a family hoping to impart their love of friends and family and the time shared together into their wine.

As far as their location goes - they have succeeded. Being one of the easiest accessible wineries in Urla (just past the Zeytinler toll booth) from the main highway running east to west.

They are easily recognizable as the winery is really built with visitors in mind with huge spaces for tasting the wine and eating a meal.

The Perdix winery is located very close to the Aegean sea and benefits the vines on their 90,000 m2 vineyard. The breeze frequently blows here and the nearly 300m elevation helps keep the summer temperatures cool. The area like most Urla wineries is surrounded by pine forest and olive trees.

The soil structure is generally composed of clay loam and limestones that broke off and decomposed from the bedrock, and the clay and limestone increase as you descend the vineyard.

Perdix Winery Wines

Perdix Winery produces a range of wines including Cabernet Franc & Petit Verdot, Boğazkere, Pinot noir, Sauvignon Blanc, and Bornova misketi. The overview below starts with the sweetest whites and moves up the range to end with the most full bodied red.

Perdix Winery

Perdix Bornova Misketi

This is a nice example of the Bornova Misketi wine with honey, lemon, peach, some sweet apple and tropical fruits. With lower alcohol content 12% it isn't strongly acidic the 2020 is more balanced than the 2019. I recommend giving this a try.

Perdix Sauvignon Blanc

The lightest of the white wines at Perdix - this is very pale in color and easy to sip, but may be lacking more distinction.

Perdix Chardonnay

I've not tried this, but if you're seeking Chardonnay, give it a try and let me know.

Perdix Merlot - Syrah Rose' and Pinot Noir Rose'

The Pinot Noir rose' is salmon in color and easy to drink - with cotton candy and strawberry fruit flavours.

The Merlot - Syrah rose' is darker with cherry and strawberry and white pepper, but this has some oak exposure and that is distinctly present in the wine. If you don't like oaky rose' then look elsewhere.

Perdix Merlot

A deep dark red with good exposure to oak this one can do a few more years in th bottle to relaly round out.

Perdix - Merlot - Syrah or Pinot Noir

Perdix red blend

Two blend (always a good choice in my mind) that i've not tried. Let me know! The one wiith Pinot noir is said to have some minty or eucalyptus.

Perdix Boğazkere

This is a recommended wine from Perdix. The western Turkey expressions of this eastern Turkey wine grape variety tend to be a bit softer, rounder and with less tannins. This has all that and is overall balanced.

Perdix Cabernet Sauvignon

Perdix Petit verdot

Cherry and chocolate thanks to the 15 months in oak this is a younger version but still good if you like the CS style.

Perdix Cabernet Franc - Petit Verdot

I understand these Cab Franc grapes come from another winery near Ephesus. The wine itself is spicy and vanilla at the start and moving to an acidic finish. Overall recommended from Perdix but may peform better after a few more years.

Visiting the Perdix Winery

This is always fairly busy due to it's easy to access location and the fact that they have long had a reputable kitchen.

Perdix Winery

Contact Perdix Winery

Open Daily from 12:30-00:00

Reservations recommended 0 (533) 556 7243

+90 506 099 14 33

Zeytinler, İzmir Çeşme Yolu No:14,

35430 Urla/İzmir

Perdix Wines Map

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