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LA Lucian Arkas Bağları & LA Mahzen / LA Vineyards & LA Cellars

LA Vineyards & Cellars is a Beautiful (Fancy!) Example of Turkish Wine Potential

Lucien Arkas LA Vineyards History

The Lucien Arkas Vineyard and Cellars are named after its founder, Lucien Arkas, a shipping magnate from Izmir, Turkey who is also renowned for his vision and passion for winemaking. Founded in 2002 by French-Turkish businessman Lucien Arkas, the estate pioneered the production of fine wine in the Aegean region. Established in the early 2000s, the winery quickly gained recognition for its unwavering commitment to crafting wines of the highest caliber. This dedication to quality has been instrumental in elevating Turkish wines on both national and international stages.

The Terrior Lucien Arkas / LA Vineyards

LA Wines Vineyards

The winery's prime location near Izmir plays a pivotal role in shaping the character of its wines. The Aegean region's unique terroir, characterized by its diverse soils, maritime influence, and Mediterranean climate, creates an ideal environment for viticulture. These factors contribute to the cultivation of grapes with exceptional flavor profiles, making the Lucien Arkas Vineyard and Cellars an oasis of wine excellence.

The Vines of Lucien Arkas Vineyards

LA Grape Map

The vineyard spans 230+ Acres (Turkey's largest single vineyard) across prime viticultural land, with vines ranging from 6 to 35 years old. Lucien Arkas grows both international and indigenous varietals, as shown on the 'Grape Map' to the left they have a tremendous variety of grapes. They also have a soil map which allows you to see how they have chosen grape varieties to match with the terrior.

The estate winery focuses on low yields and sustainable practices to obtain the highest quality grapes. They use the 'high trellis' system allowing the vines to grow upward and with good pruning this provides excellent air circulation around the vine resulting in higher quality but lower yields.

The Wines of LA Vineyards

Lucien Arkas crafts an extensive portfolio of wines across different styles and price points. They also were the first or only to produce a number of international varieties in Turkey Tempranillo, Chenin Blanc, Viognier, Marselan, Ugni Blanc (Trebbiano) to go alongside the common varieties seen here: Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay ve Bornova Misketi which they also grow.

They also produce many levels of wine with various varieties under each here's a quick rundown with my favorites highlighted

MEANDROS: Merlot - Shiraz - Cabernet Sauvignon - Marselan Blend

CONSENSUS: Shiraz - Cabernet Sauvignon - Merlot Blend and Chardonnay

MON RÊVE: Öküzgözü / Tempranillo - Shiraz / Viognier / Marselan / Tempranillo / Montepulciano / Chardonnay - Chenin Blanc

LA PASSITO: Bornova Misketi

LA Wines Consensus

ANTRE: Kalecik Karası-Sangiovese / Cabernet Sauvignon-Merlot / Öküzgözü-Boğazkere / Sauvignon Blanc SMYRNA Merlot / Shiraz-Petit Verdot / Cabernet Sauvignon / Blush / Sauvignon Blanc-Trebbiano İDOL Kalecik Karası-Öküzgözü-Cabernet Sauvignon-Merlot Blend / Kalecik Karası / Ugni Blanc-Chardonnay

LA FIN DU JOUR Petit Verdot - Marselan - Cabernet Sauvignon-Sangiovese Blend

SIGNORE SIGNORI Sangiovese-Marselan-Petit Verdot Blend

BEGONVİL Grenache-Shiraz Blend

PUNTA Cabernet Sauvignon-Shiraz-Merlot Blend

LA Wines Meandros

The winery's portfolio boasts a diverse range of grape varieties, both indigenous and international. Turkish grapes thrive alongside well-known international varietals This harmonious blend of old and new showcases the winery's dedication to both tradition and innovation.

The Winery Lucien Arkas / LA Vineyards

State-of-the-Art Cellars: Recognized by Paolo Basso in his book 'Sommeliers Heaven -The Greatest Wine Cellars Of The World'

LA Vineyards annual capacity of 1.5 million bottlesAt the heart of the Lucien Arkas Vineyard and Cellars lies a state-of-the-art winemaking facility that combines modern technology with time-honored techniques. The cellars are equipped with advanced equipment for grape processing, fermentation, and aging. This marriage of innovation and tradition allows the winemakers to create wines that capture the essence of the terroir while upholding the highest standards of quality.

LA Wines Winery

Winemaking occurs on-site in a technologically advanced winery designed by French architects. Traditional and modern techniques combine throughout the production process, from gentle pneumatic pressing to barrel and tank aging. The cellar also hosts the largest wooden vats in Turkey's wine industry.

Sustainable Practices:

Lucien Arkas Vineyard and Cellars place a strong emphasis on sustainable and environmentally conscious winemaking practices. By adopting organic and biodynamic farming methods, the winery not only ensures the health of its vineyards but also

demonstrates a commitment to preserving the natural balance of the ecosystem. This approach translates into wines that embody the purity and authenticity of the land.

The estate's premium wines are housed in the private cellar La Cave d’Arkas, located underground for ideal aging conditions. This cellar holds 10,000s of bottles, including red blends aged up to 48 months. Lucien Arkas has won numerous accolades for its commitment to quality wine production.

LA Mahzen /Lucien Arkas / LA Vineyards The Restaurant

LA Mahzen Restaurant

Wine Tasting Experience:

Visiting Lucien Arkas Vineyard and Cellars offers an enchanting wine tasting experience that allows visitors to connect with the winery's ethos and expertise. Guided by knowledgeable sommeliers, guests have the opportunity to explore a curated selection of wines, each with its unique story to tell. The winery's elegant tasting room provides a serene setting to savor the flavors and aromas of these remarkable wines and enjoy a very nice meail


For visitors, the winery offers guided tours and wine tastings daily. Guests can stroll through the vineyards and production facilities to gain insight into the estate's sustainable practices and winemaking process. In the tasting room, floor-to-ceiling windows overlook the valley while guests sample unique in Turkey, international varietals.

The Lucien Arkas restaurant provides gourmet fare along with sweeping views of the vineyards. Using local ingredients, the menu perfectly complements the estate's wines. The winery also hosts an annual music festival and other special events throughout the year.

With its blend of winemaking innovation and terroir-driven production, Lucien Arkas is shaping the modern Turkish wine renaissance. Its wines express the unique climate and soils of the Aegean region. For visitors interested in exploring this burgeoning wine destination, Lucien Arkas offers a world-class and authentically Turkish wine experience

Contact LA Vineyards & LA Mahzen

Lucien Arkas Bağları (The Vineyard) 📞+90 (232) 853 70 01 📞 +90 (232) 853 95 35 LA Mahzen Restaurant; 🕚12.00-23.00 Open. 📞For Reservations 05302186797

Kuşçuburun Mah.

Başmimar Sinan Cad. No: 81

Yazıbaşı, Torbalı / İzmir

Located literally 1/2 between Izmir and Ephesus!

LA Vineyard Location

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