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Kayraklı Asarcık Vineyards / Asarcik Vineyards

The closest Marmaris Winery with high quality grapes

Asarcik Vineyards
Asarcik Vineyards

Datca Peninsula Vineyard Windmill
Asarcik Vineyard the closest Marmaris Winery

The owner Orhan Şakir founded this lovely vineyard on the far southern coast right were the Aegean and Mediterranean seas meet.

Located on the 800' elevation between Selimiye and Bozburun but with no direct neighbors of any type, this areas was well known through ancient and even Ottoman times for having excellent grapes, but was abandoned by immigration of nomadic people after the departure of the Greeks in the early 20th century.

Asarcik Vineyards wine tasting
Asarcik wine tasting

The current owners are seeking to replicate this by producing high quality grapes by as they say 'letting the grapes suffer' on organic, unirrigated, well pruned vines that allow each grape to benefit from the dry climate, the wind on this unique peninsular and elevated position, and the abundant (and I mean 320+ days of sun a year kind of abundant) sunshine. They also use excellent quality machinery and equipment and have their own winery and tasting room on site.

White Turkish Wine Varieties at Asarcik Vineyards near Marmaris

In my visit in 2021, I can confirm that the wines reflect the hopes of the owner so far! Uniquely they have the only

Asarcik Vineyards Rousanne Marsanne White Wine
Asarcik Rousanne Marsanne

Roussanne / Marsanne white wine I know of in Turkey, an excellent blend and likely my favorite of their white wines which also included Chardonnay (oaked) and Sauvignon Blanc.

The white wines undergo cold fermentation and then complete fermentation in French oak barrels and some experience the 'sur lie' method. These also age 8-10 months in French oak before bottling .

Asarcik Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot Reserve
Asarcik Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot Reserve

Red Wine Varieties at Asarcik Vineyards near Marmaris

The red wines include Öküzgözü, Boğazkere, Cabernet Sauvignon,Merlot, Nero D’Avola ve Malbec and they benefit from the slate, lime, clay based soil but even more so from the cooler night temperatures due to the wind that keeps this location 4-5 degrees cooler than other lower areas. The red reserve wines age 8-10 months in 300-500 liter French oak barrels. The Reserve Öküzgözü, Boğazkere blend or the 'Turkish Red Blend' is very good as well as the CS/Merlot.

The Asarcik Vineyards Rose Winerose' wines undergo the 'saignee' method were some of the red wine is bleed off to make the rose increasing the body, richness, colour and tannins of the rose' wine. I have to say I quite enjoyed their rose' which as I recall was made in part from Öküzgözü and Merlot.

Asarcik Vineyards Rose Wine
Asarcik Vineyards Rose Wine

The Asarcik Vineyards winery doesn't produce a huge volume, and I rarely see this except from the winery, the wines are generally very good and the winery is worth a visit, but it is a bit of a drive and somewhat remote from bigger cities, but if you are wandering along the Aegean coast near here, definetly look it up.

Contact Info:

Adres: Bozburun Mah. Asarcık Yolu 31. Asarcık Bağları Marmaris / Muğla

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