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Kalecik Karası '20 Collection by Diren

Could this be the best value Kalecik Karası right now?

Kalecik Karası by Diren from Tokat near the Black Sea. Diren wines are maybe the best value in Turkey now (May '23). Their prices are consistently fair (read low) and their wines are widely available. And they are worth finding and trying. Take the Kalecik Karası for example:

The grapes are from Denizli, likely the Guney area, but Diren produces in Tokat, Turkey.

Kalecik Karası is the one of the most planted local variety red wine grapes in Turkey, and I love it.

⭐️3.7 But for the value this is 4+

🍷Color: pale to medium ruby, good extraction.

🍒Fruit: very fresh, sweet cherry and strawberry stronger than the cotton candy many taste in Kalecik karasi. This is a the main emphasis of this wine, but it is not overly sweet.

🍃Spice: some white pepper, cinnamon, and earthy.

👅Body: Light balanced

🌳Oak: Unoaked

🍁Tannin: Light to medium and refined

\🧬Acidity: MedHigh acidity

%⚗️Alcohol: 13% and well balanced by sweetness, fruit, and acidity.

🎬Summary: For well under 200 TL ($8) this was an easy choice. It is a fruit emphasizing Kalecik but also has balanced acidity and tannins and has that slight funk, like barn or earth that I enjoy in many Turkish local grape varieties. Compared to some Kalecik Karasi s that sell for upwards of 800 TL ($30), I would grab this one 4 times over. I've heard that Kalecik is one of the more cellar able Turkish grapes due to acidity and strong fruit

flavor, I wonder what this one would do in 7 years? Though I wonder about the lighter body...

PS Congratulations to Diren for winning a Silver medal for the '21 vintage at the 2023 International Wine Challenge.


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