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Ikidenizarasi Winery & Vineyard

A Winery on a Peak Between the Sea

The Ikidenizarasi Winery Story

First off - the name - Ikidenizarasi means 'between two seas' in Turkish. And well its because the winery is located almost dead center on a small range between the Gülbahçe coastline of the Bay of Izmir and the Sığacık bay and Demircili coastline along the Aegean sea.

This village (Yagcilar Koyu) rested from wine-grape growing from 1924 until 1999. That's because this was a Greek village and in the population exchange of the early 1920's moved the wine producing Greeks away and Turks from Thessaloniki moved here. In 1999 Serhat Akbay started producing wine here and with partners Mr. Sayin, Dr, Ada, and Mr. Dilan in 2019 founded the current expression of Ikidenizarasi.


The goal of the partnership was to enjoy the value of life that the wines and outdoors of this beautiful part of Urla held and to share it with others. This delight is available for you to share on your visit to the winery and restaurant.

The location is ideal as it quite a bit higher in elevation than other Urla wineries and the location between 2 bays and the surrounding landscape allow for cooling breezes to the hot summer sun allowing the red and white wines to balance their sweetness with some acidity.

Ikidenizarasi wine

The terrior is also very good for unirrigated agriculture as the lime and clay soil holds water well from the spring rains. They are also surrounded by forests in every direction. With around 40 donems of vineyards the winery has an annual capacity of around 40,000 bottles of wine. Speaking of wine...they produce Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Syrah, Petit Verdot and Bornova Misket, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc. The reds are all grown in the village with the white wines coming from other close areas.

Ikidenizarasi Winery Wines

Ikidenizarasi Zoza (60% Cabernet Sauvignon- 40% Syrah)

Ikidenizarasi Zoza

This is a super well 0ak integrated wine with chocolate and super smooth tannins. Very balanced ready to drink now. These grapes come from the oldest vineyards 20+ years in the village.

Cherry, blackberry and spices lay the flavours before the tannin and 10 months french oak show themselves. Named for the last known Urla leopard that lived near here in 1942, named Zoza.

Ikidenizarasi Cavacal (Cabernet Sauvignon)

Ikidenizarasi Caracal

This is a big Cabernet Sauvignon with the feel of a California CS. Though a bit overpowering while young this is very good when decanted and has good aging potential. Full body. Bold tannins. Slight smokiness, molasses and some leather. Lots going on here.

Ikidenizarasi Rose (Syrah - Cabernet Sauvignon)

A well made Rose with a bit more body than normal. I enjoyed the blood orange, full mouth feel citrus flavours that balance well with the minerals and acidity.

Ikidenizarasi Borda (Bornova Misketi)

Ikidenizarasi Bornova Misketi

Like all Bornova Misket wines this one is not lacking in intensity, flavour, scent or sweetness. A drier example than most nectarine and lemon are present and the acidity and body are fully present. This is a nice example of Bornova Misketi... A bit more in the nose than on the palate, which is not uncommon as Bornova is often exceedingly scented. This one is a bit softer on the nose without as much perfumy scents as are often present, but still nice fruit to flower scents like honeysuckle and bergamot.

Ikidenizarasi Borda (Chardonnay)

The grapes for this Chardonnay come from Denizli rather than local (the region there is one of the best in Turkey for wine grapes). This dry white wine is processed a bit longer than normal on the skins before fermenting in steel and oak barrels. The result is a chardonnay typical of the style with the green feel that is balanced by lemon, creaminess, toast, and spice. This has an acidity that gives way to the roasted feel from the barrels some find a bit bitter. I very much enjoyed this Chardonnay and recommend it.

Ikidenizarasi Borda (Sauvignon Blanc)

Honestly, I can't say much here as I've not tried it but from their other wines and knowing that SB does well in Turkey, I bet its a nice white wine.

Ikidenizarasi Winery logo

Visiting the Ikidenizarasi Winery

I recommend making reservations for dinner and going in the evening. Its a bit more of a drive than most in Urla, but its not hard. Plus the views at sunset are delightful. The food was shockingly good. They had quite a progressive menu and presentation and execution suprised me given the village location. It was only after I started chatting with the 2 couples next to me that I realized this is a well done place (the couples where 2 of the owners - Mr. Sayin and Dr. Ada).

The winery restaurant is in a large area with 360 degree views. We were able to do a wine tasting and eat a meal and the service was well done. This is far, far less crowded than closer in locations in Urla, so if you want to escape crowds and have some excellent red wines. Here you go.

Ikidenizarasi restaurant at night

Contact Ikidenizarasi Winery & Vineyards

Open from: 13.00-22.00 except Tuesdays when closed

Adress: Yağcılar Koyu,

9029 Sokak No: 8 D:8A,

35430 Urla/İzmir

Cell: +90 (501) 352 1500

Just 20 minutes from Urla.

Ikidenizarasi Winery location map


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