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Hanchalar / Erdel Winery Video Tour

Join me for a quick 1 minute trip to and around the Erdel Winery also known as Hanchalar

I also contribute to the Turkey Travel Planner website - a great place for general travel information to Turkey.

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Hi, thanks for dropping by!

This site is a work of love and passion for the people, land and wonderful produce of Turkey. As the ancient home of wine, join along with me as I discover the viticulture of Turkey, the lovely unique Turkish wine grapes, and the amazing and widely interesting people that make up this industry. 

I'm Chris and I spend weeks traveling in Turkey each year, exploring this verdant land.  Benefit from my experience.

And if you are looking for Turkish wine tours and tastings - either daily wine tours from Istanbul, Izmir or Cappadocia or week long wine tours, Don't hesitate to contact me. 

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