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Claros Bağcılık ve Şarapçılık / Claros Vineyards & Winery

Claros Vineyards & Winery Naturally Fermented Wine & Winery Near Ephesus

Claros vineyard

Claros Bağcılık ve Şarapçılık is a winery located near Ephesus in the Izmir Province, Turkey. The winery is just a short drive from the ancient city of Ephesus, and it is surrounded by vineyards that are planted with a variety of grape varieties.

Claros is the work of the Yavas family who is passionate about natural winemaking, and uses traditional methods to produce their wines. The grapes are hand-picked, and they are fermented with native yeasts. No chemicals or additives are used in the winemaking process.

The wines of Claros are known for their purity and their expression of terroir. The wines are full of flavor, and they have a refreshing acidity. They are perfect for pairing with food, and they are also a great way to enjoy the flavors of Turkey.

Claros Vineyard Wine Production

. This winery has carved a niche for itself in the wine industry by embracing traditional and sustainable practices, producing wines that reflect the terroir of the region while minimizing human intervention. Claros produces a variety of wines all from the Merlot grapes that they grow, including red, late harvest red and rosé, wines. The grapes used to produce the wines are grown on the winery's own vineyards, which are located in the ancient Claros valley.

The winemaking process at Claros is traditional. The winemaking process at Claros Bağcılık ve Şarapçılık is a gentle and patient endeavor. After hand-harvesting, the grapes are minimally processed to preserve their integrity. Indigenous yeasts, naturally present on the grape skins, initiate spontaneous fermentation, adding an extra layer of complexity to the wines. This gives the wines a unique flavor profile that is both complex and elegant. This philosophy rejects the use of chemical additives, excessive manipulation, and industrial practices, aiming to produce wines that showcase the authentic flavors and characteristics of the grapes.

The Aegean Sea, with its cooling breezes, plays a crucial role in maintaining a moderate climate, allowing for slow and balanced grape ripening. The fertile soils of the area contribute distinctive mineral notes to the grapes, which are reflected in the final wines produced by Claros Bağcılık ve Şarapçılık.

Claros Vineyard Wine Varieties

Claros produces a wide variety of wines as long as you like Merlot! But their wines are all wild-fermented and vegan. This is their grape and they have 4 unique expressions all naturally fermented.

Claros Wild Fermented Merlot
  • Clarose' Wild Fermented Merlot This wine tends toward fruity and higher alcohol. The wild fermentation means each year is different, but they tend to have mint or menthol edge to them due to the wild yeast. This is a good value in Turkey where wine prices are out of control. The flavor tends towards strawberry and red fruits.

Clarose Rose Merlot

  • Claros Wild Fermented Merlot This is a rose' expression of their Merlot grapes and like all rose's that I drink, whats not to like? Red fruit, strawberry, with some acidity and a touch of funky wild yeast.

Claros Late Harvest  Merlot

  • Claros Wild Fermented Late Harvest Merlot

Another expression of their wild fermented Merlot, I have this bottle sitting in reserve and so as of yet haven't tasted it!

Claros Vineyards Manto's Merlot

  • Claros Manto's Wild Fermented Merlot : This is their premier Merlot- taking their Merlot from above and then aging in oak barrels for 7-10 months. This dramatically improves the body, flavor and smoothness. Good intensity, black fruit and nice usage of oak. If you only have 1 choice of wines try this one.

Claros Vineyards Wine Tasting near Ephesus

Claros offers wine tastings at the winery' but you need to contact them somewhat in advance. The tastings are led by a knowledgeable wine guide who will explain the different wines and their flavors.The wine tastings are a great way to learn about Turkish wine and to sample some of the best wines that Turkey has to offer. They are also a great way to enjoy the beautiful setting of the winery. Claros also offers visits of the vineyard. They are also a great way to experience the beauty of the Turkish countryside..

The area of Claros is known for its temple to Apollo Clarius which was an important oracle site with evidence back to the 6th century BC. You can still visit though it is a small site, though historically important.

If you are planning a trip to Ephesus, I highly recommend visiting Claros Bağcılık ve Şarapçılık. You will learn about Turkish wine, sample some interesting wines that Turkey has to offer, and enjoy a beautiful setting.

Contact Claros Vineyards

05554153522 Çile Mah.

Claros Bulvarı Mersin sk. no:6

Menderes, Çile, Turkey

Claros location map

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