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Cabernet Franc 2019 by Likya Vineyards

A unique wine from Likya Vineyards. I was very surprised at how much I enjoyed this Cab Franc.

I'm fairly consistent with my wine preferences. If there is a strong Rioja, its likely my favorite. In general, I like bold, flavorful, fruity and oaky reds. Shiraz is always my first choice in a red, then Merlot, and after that I may trail off into a Malbec,  Öküzgözü or Kalecik Karası. Though I don't often find Cabernet Francs that are multidimensional enough for me,

Likya's Cabernet Franc 2019 was a a delightful surprise for me.

The color is deep and rich with ruby tones. The nose and palate both have a subdued aspect which to me allows the unique flavors of cedar, black cherry and mocha to be sensed. There may be some licorice in there too but faintly.

A strong mocha nose and finish that is very smooth. This wine is not sweet and very little acid, some may find it too smooth, but the overall feel from me is one of full extraction from a variety that provides a subtle expression.

Recommended when you're looking for a round, smooth red.

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