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Nif Bağları Solaris Review (Nif Vineyards)

A 2023 Sommeliers' Selection in Istanbul

2022 Sevilen 900 Fume Blanc

Nif Vineyards has always taken a different approach. Their choice of grapes tends more towards Italian styles (Sangiovese & Montepulcian for example) over the predominant Bordeaux wine style plantings that compete with Turkish local grape varieties for attention here in Turkey. I wholeheartedly endorse their choices, though as they have added a dimension to the increasing wine potential here in Turkey. I had the pleasure of again visiting the winery just last week and tasting a range of their wines. My previous visit is outlined here, along with my reviews of their Bornova Misket and Montepulciano. At hand though is their recent Sommelier's selection.

This year one of. Ronan Sayburn MS and Andreas Larsson's white wine selections was the very rare Solaris from Nif Baglari. I believe Ronan likened it to a Chenin Blanc. They found scents of quince and yellow apple alongside a big acidity to balance the fruitiness.

It received a score of 93 and 91 respectively from the Master Sommeliers for the 2022 Vintage. A great performance in a field dominated by Chardonnay's and Sauvignon Blancs.

Nif Baglari 2022 Solaris Review

Nif Baglari Solaris Review

The Solaris grapes come from Nifs vineyards in the Kemalpasa region just east of Izmir near Manisa. The Solaris grape is a hybrid from Germany of the Muscat, Reisling, Pinot Gris, and Seyval Blanc, first grown in Germany, but found in numerous marginal wine climates of Europe such as Denmark, Belgium and the Netherlands. This is an interesting choice for the rather warm Meditteranean region of Izmir, but the heartiness and excellent disease resistance certainly don't hurt.

The resulting wine is sophisticated with sweet acidity that many associate with citrus fruits though the aromas are more green, such as apple and quince with some tropical flavours like pineapple showing its Muscat hybridity. This is a lighter wine that still has great fruit and acidity. The color is pale yellow. Nif Baglari Solaris review.

The Solaris grapes come from Nifs vineyards in the Kemalpasa region just east of Izmir near Manisa.

Around 13.5% alcohol this Solaris has about 2.1 g/lt of residual sugar so is still categorized as dry white wine. The Solaris from Nif Baglari would be pleasant in the summer, as the acidity balances the sweetness well.

⭐️3.8 Nice balance though I prefer a bit more.

🍷Color: pale yellow.

🍒Fruit: Scents of Quince, leading to sweet acidity tastes of citrus


👅Body: Medium light balanced

🌳Oak: None

🍁Tannin: None

\🧬Acidity: Med-High acidity

%⚗️Alcohol: 13.5% and well balanced by sweetness, fruit, and acidity.

🎬Summary: This is an excellent choice if you want something that has a good acidic sweet balance.

PS This is slightly more acidic and less sweet than the Bornova Misket in case you want to compare.


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