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Limantepe Şarapçılık / Limantepe Winery

Does it Exist? Or is it still a Dream in Formation?

Limantepe Winery

Limantepe Winery an Elusive Visit...

The Limantepe Winery is very close to downtown Urla. It is located more in a residential area 1/2 between Urla center and the Urla coast, quite near the sea. So like many travelers I have tried on a few occasions to visit, unsuccessfully. So what I share here is the bit of information I've been able to glean about the Limantepe winery.

First factually, Limantepe is a member of the Urla Vineyard Traıl / Urla Wine Route / Urla Bağ Yolu. The winery was apparently started in 2011 by Didem and Haluk Çelikel who while from Izmir were living in Istanbul and have been realizing a dream to produce wine themselves through connection with both Urlice Vineyards and Urla Winery.

Limantepe Winery was begun near Kavacik with 17,000 m2 of Chardonnay vineyards and then moved to its current location in 2013 where the focus is on red, and when I've visited in 2020, 2021, and 2022 there was various states of apparent construction of a visitor center, though either not complete or not open when I've shown up.

They apparently do make wine - I've seen the bottle - with a fun label and listed as Syrah, but I've yet to taste it. They also apparently make olive oil, which is not uncommon as the Izmir region has vast tracks of olive groves.

I'll keep trying to visit and taste and will update this page when I do! If you make it there before me - please leave me some comments.

Limantepe Winery Syrah

Contact Limantepe Vineyards

Rüstem, Özbek Yolu Cd., 35430 Urla/İzmir, Türkiye

Limantepe Location Map


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