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ÇAKIR Şarapçılık & Bağcılık / ÇAKIR Winery & Vineyards / Cakir Winery

Everything I was looking for in an Urla Winery at Cakır Winery & Vineyards

Çakır Winery Story

Some years ago I made my first trip to the Urla region and the Urla Vineyard Trail, and having visited wineries throughout the world, I wasn't sure how similar or different the Urla wineries were going to be. When I arrived at Çakır winery I was suprised and delighted. The owner gave me a wonderful tour, and I was able to taste one of his first 2018 Merlot's which is still one of my favorite Merlot's in Turkey (well oaked and full bodied)

Founded by a husband and wife (Erol and Sevinç Çakır) who I believe both have regular jobs as attorneys. The name Çakır is taken from their family name and in means roughly 'steel blue' but the pronounciation on Turkish communicates strength and boldness. This place is their labour of love with Mr. Erol Çakır focusing on the wines and production and Mrs. Sevinç Çakır focusing on everything. In fact they work endlessly to make everything sharp, crisp and hospitable.

Over the years that I travel to Urla and wine shows I often see Erol and Sevinç and some of their family and they are always eager to share their latest wines and developments. They are a great example of the pride you see in winemaking here in Turkey.

Cakır Winery - The Wines and Vineyards

Cakir winery operations

The Çakır winery sits only a few kilometers from Urla but has the feel of being far off in the countryside. It is surrounded on 2 sides by pine forests and the winery sits right at the edge of their vineyards.

They have around 10 acres of vineyards which are planted with Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, Bornova Misketi and Chardonnay. Their production facility and cellars are located in the basement of their Çakır winery. This is a typical estate winery with everything being in one place. This makes for excitement in late August and September during the harvest when it becomes an active location.

The soil and weather here are distinctly Urla - with hot summers that are cooled by winds from the sea, and miild and rainy winters. The soil is clay, sand and loam, but varies across the vineyards.

Cakir Wines

Somnium / Adventum / Yarımadalı Wines by Cakir Winery

Cakir winery has 3 series of wines Somnium, Adventum and Yarımadalı. They are all worth having a look.

Adventum Syrah or Syrah & Cabernet Sauvignon Blend

These wines are distinct from the Somnium label, but I always ask and I always forget! Sufficite it to say they are Syrah based and ages 12 or so months in oak. They are strong acidic and bold with dark fruits in the nose and palate. You do get some more of the bell pepper and pepperiness from the CS blend, but the Syrah itself is the star of the show with lots of full berry roundness, These both need some decanting to get the most out of the wines.

Somnium Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot or a Blend by Cakir Winery

Cakir Somnium Premium Merlot

The CS here especially the 2018 is very good - great to pair with grilled red meat. Its berry and green and chocolatey with oak well worked through. Again these want to be decanted to soften the tannins but the alcohol remains high'ish. I've loved this one and liked it less at different times and I think it has more to do with me than the wine! Recommended if you like strong CS at Cakir Winery.

The Merlot is nicely full bodied and has all that you might want from a Merlot. This too wants some decanting to knock of the edge, but as it gets older I think it will round out nicely. Mulberry, some red fruit, but full. I actually preferred the Merlot to the CS in a wine tasting event - but I find those events led me to underrate a good CS, so I'll say both are above average and recommend each one.

The CS Merlot blend - this maybe the best of both worlds - the chocolate, green berry strength of the CS with the roundness and fullness of body of the Merlot. Some consider this their best wine. Some of this wine sees 18 mos in French oak, so I expect all three of these will perform well for 15 years.

Somnium Chardonnay & Premium Chardonnay

There are 2 Chardonnays they have one with a powerful blast of oak - My wife loves it - she loves the oak forward, middle and finish of the premium - which I recall Erol Bey told me was fermented in oak barrels. So if you find yourself unhappy with lower oaked or less bodied Chardonnay, try the Premium from Somnium.

Both have a pleasant oily, butteryness to them along with vanilla, some melon and apple. The regular Somnium Chardonnay is a perhaps a bit more herbal or citrus than the long oaked version.

Cakir Winery Mosaic

Somnium Bornova Misketi

Honeysuckle, mango, melon, cotton candy, there's not much for flavour you can't find in the Bornova Misketi - this is a dry wine but can easily be made into a sweet wine, it has tons of flavour and aroma

Yarımadalı Bornova Misketi

Very aromatic with honey notes, but with a lighter body than the nose would suggest, a bit softer than some Bornova Misketi out there. But delicious nonetheless.

Sevinç Pinot Noir Rosé

A recent addition to go alongside their CS rose' (which is suprisingly full bodied). This rose' has a nice acidity and creaminess that goes well with the strawberry edged flavours.

Visiting the Çakır Winery

Cakir winery restaurant

Çakır Winery has plenty of indoor outdoor space and offers tastings of the wines along with their nice food. The restaurant has changed format a few times, but each time I've eaten there the food is very good and focuses on regional specialities such as octopus, asparagus and olives.

I recommend trying as many of their wines as you can - I'm sure you'll find something to call your favorite.

They also have a few rooms to rent above their winery - more info at

Contact Çakır Winery & Vineyards

Kuşçular mh, 8036. Sk. No.54,

35430 Urla/İzmir, Türkiye

+90 530 568 3222

Open 1- 11 PM everyday

Just 10 minutes from Urla.

Cakir Winery & Vineyard Location Map


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